Water Conveyance Pumping

Proper pipeline design ensures proper pressure and flow at the end of the system. At Roberts Irrigation, we provide design and installation services for all types of piping: underground and above ground; with sizes 1" through over 48" in diameter; aluminum, steel, or a variety of plastics.

Pipe system efficiency
Only an expertly configured piping system can assure the proper amount of water at the appropriate pressure. In addition, in order to last many years, pipelines must be designed to withstand the potential water hammer stresses, as well as pressure and vacuum stresses that routinely occur within a system. We are proud to say that many of the pipelines we installed over 45 years ago are still in operation today.

Roberts Irrigation works with a wide variety of pipe from less than one inch in diameter to over 30 inches in diameter. Among the many types of pipe we use are:

  • Aluminum piping 2" through 12"
  • PVC plastic pipe 1" through 24"
  • Heat fusion HDPE polyethylene 11/2" through 48"

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